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Friday, 27 April 2012

water couler dragon part 5

now that all my scale and fins where in i then moved onto adding some green lowlights to the scale and fins
 here i started to darken and shade in the bones around the jaw line

water colour dragon part 4

 here i have started to refine some of the facial features and the fins.
 i then moved onto the neck scales and the back fins.

water colour dragon part3

 now that i have the basic scales in with enough shading to show the contours of the dragon i can move onto the fins on the side of his head.

water colour dragon part2

I then painted a base couler for my dragon i chose to go with blues and a slight geen shading on this one.
 Now that my base is done i have started to add some minor details like the scales and to darken up the bone horns.

water colour dragon

my first water colour painting of a dragon
 I started with my sketch witch i kept pritty basic as detasil will be added later in the prosses
I then transferd the sketch onto my back ground that i had done early witch is also basic as i will alter it as i go on with the painting.